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We are pleased to host you for an entertaining evening of astronomy under the canopy of Sedona’s brilliant starry sky. You will experience an incredible evening of stargazing guided by professional astronomers with decades of experience. We use some of the largest custom built state of the art telescopes and high powered laser pointers to guide you around the night sky. We always keep our ratio of astronomers/telescopes to a maximum of 12 guests so that you are assured of a personal experience. We hope you will join us and take advantage of viewing brilliant heavenly objects among the beautiful red rocks of Sedona. We view planets, galaxies, star clusters, double stars and other beautiful objects every clear night. Our tour has been featured in the New York Times, Good Morning Arizona, The Arizona Republic, Readers Digest, The Wall Street Journal, Phoenix Magazine, Frommers Guide. and National Geographic. The Sedona, Arizona area has some of the best observing conditions in the United States due to virtually no light pollution, high altitude and over 300 dry clear nights each year. We are the premier tour company specializing in providing entertaining astronomical tours of the night sky. Bring your family for a Tour of the Universe under the star filled skies of Sedona.

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