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  • Scott and Pam:

    My husband and I really enjoyed Evening Sky Tours. Very nice people to deal with. They seem to love what they do! They called that day to confirm that the weather would be great that night, and gave very good directions on how to get there. Very interesting presentation geared to all levels of interest. I knew nothing about astronomy but came home knowing alot more. They make is very interesting. They encouraged questions and never made anyone feel like it was a stupid question. We started by looking at our Earth’s moon and ended up seeing another galaxy by the time the night was over. AMAZING! Laser pointers were used to point out different constellations. Too Cool! There were several kids there and the guy took time to help them and explain everything so they could understand. He had a little step ladder so the little ones could see into the telescope. Chairs were set up with blankets. My husband and I both agree this was the highlight of our vacation. A wonderful evening! Money well spent! GO! –The Register’s from FL.

  • Joyce:

    Was in Sedona over Labor day , it is one of the best places to see stars, issue was the clouds rolled in unexpectedly and we were able to see several stars and planets but the owner felt he did not meet the groups expectations and refunded the ENTIRE amount we ALL paid. I will certainly go again — it is great to see a business owner do the right thing.

    Joyce from Orlando.

  • Mike and Sylvia Lewis:

    Just to let you know we greatly enjoyed our evening under the stars. It was a beautiful night to learn more about God’s awesome creation. We would encourage others to do this when on vacation in Sedona, it’s well worth the money.

  • Becky Miller, Orgeon:

    As someone who has never really paid much attention to the stars other than to make an occasional wish upon one, I didn’t think that I would have much interest but I want to provide my beau, who I suspected would enjoy it, an experience to remember.  I not only was interested, I was in awe as was he.  Thus, as a result of our evening sky tour, we BOTH reflect on our Arizona trip with a special fondness for our sky tour.  It was, without a doubt, the best money I spent while vacationing in Sedona.

  • Larry Rosenberg, Ph.D:

    The evening sky full of stars, as viewed by me and explained by your company’s guide, was a truly informative and inspiring experience. The guide did a great job answering the group members’ questions. I have looked at the Sedona evening sky many times, but thanks to the guide’s comments and powerful telescope viewings, I could see with new eyes and feel with a new heart. The description of the science of astronomy was quite articulate and clear on one level. But I found myself hearing on a deeper level and thinking about the meaning of it all — philosophical and spiritual questions such as my place in the universe and the nature of time and space. The fall evening was cool (I appreciate the blankets), but my mind and heart were warm from insights and enthusiasm. What a wonderful and delightful experience. I strongly recommend the sky tour to everyone who lives on — or is visiting — this planet, especially beneath Sedona’s vast and vivid sky.

  • JJ McAuley - Atlanta, GA:

    My family and I visited your area in August. Next to seeing the grand canyon, our favorite activity was the evening we spent with you. It was a thrill to be able to see so many stars, since we live in Atlanta, Ga. we don’t see what you have there. My children are 5,8 and 10 and loved looking through the giant telescope. The 10 year old has taken a huge interest in astronomy and has asked for a telescope for Christmas.Our guide  that night was at one time from Atlanta and he helped me take photos of the milky way.

  • Bzliteyear:

    We were in Arizona for a week and I made a reservation to attend Evening Sky Tours. On the day we were scheduled to go, we got off to a late start. We were considering pulling out, but they called us to confirm. I felt bad pulling out at the last minute, so we went.

    This was truly a spectacular experience which my family and I will remember forever. Being from the northeast, I have never seen a sky so beautiful with so many stars in view. Just magnificent.

    Quick description: You are given a time to arrive in their designated meeting area which is a parking lot just outside of the Sedona downtown. They are very welcoming when you arrive. You take care of the payment, and they direct you to your seats which all have blankets as the Sedona evenings can get cold.

    They begin by giving you a tour of the evening sky complete with stories and history. Depending on the time of year, you’ll see planets, the Milky Way, and sometimes satellites and the International Space Station.

    They then transition over to their high power telescopes and you’ll see some of the evening objects up close.

    During the entire presentation they use a high power green laser which points right into the sky so you know exactly which objects are being discussed.

    These guys really know their stuff and do an incredible job. The stories and history behind the stars and constellations are as interesting as the stars themselves.

    If there is only one thing you can do in Sedona, let it be this. My wife and my 11-year-old also loved it.

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