What time does your tour begin?

Tour start times are as follows:

May – August
8:30 pm

September through March 15
8 pm

March 16- April 30

8:00 pm for families with children or adults.
10:00 pm for adults 12 years of age and older
Tour start times can change on the day of the tour due to weather and special night sky events.

What do I wear?

We have blankets and chairs for everyone. Everyone should bring a warm jacket or hoodie. Wear flat shoes as our observing site is on a grass soccer field. Sedona temperatures will drop by 20 degrees within a few hours after sunset. Always be prepared for chilly weather. In Winter and late Fall hats and gloves are highly recommended along with layering. In the Summer a light jacket and long pants are appropriate.

Do you have restrooms?

We have a very clean and regularly serviced porta potty for the use of our guests.

Is it hard to find your location and do you provide transportation?

We do not provide transportation. We will email you directions when we confirm your reservation. Our observing site is located in the Village of Oak Creek about a 20 minute ride from the center of Sedona. The center of Sedona is where Hwy. 89A and Hwy. 179 cross. We have never had anyone get lost trying to find our location.

Can we bring a bottle of wine and can we smoke at your site?

Alcohol and smoking are prohibited at our location.

Can we bring our dog or pet?

We love pets but out of respect for our guests who might not like pets we do not allow pets on our tour.

Are you handicapped accessible?

Our experience requires walking 200 yards on dirt and grass and standing to look through the eyepiece of the telescope. We are not considered handicap accessible due to the nature of our experience.

How much walking is there on your tour?

The walk is a maximum of 200 yards from the parking area to our observing site.

What happens if it is cloudy on our scheduled night?

If the weather does not cooperate on your scheduled night we will attempt to reschedule your experience. Back up dates are on a space available basis. We do not guarantee back up dates. If we cannot get you rescheduled we will provide a 100 percent refund.

Does the moon affect what we will see?

On bright moon nights our galaxy will not be visible and the Milky Way will not be visible. All other objects will be viewed through the telescopes. However, your experience will be excellent if you set your expectations for a moonlit sky. We will observe our planets on all nights. Try to avoid the 2 nights around the full moon if you expect a star filled sky. Full moon nights in 2016 are April 21, May 21, June 20, July 19, August 18, September16, October 15, November 14, and December 13.

Can we wait until we arrive in Sedona to book our tour?

We limit the number of people on our tour every night in order to provide a small group experience. We limit our groups to maximum of 12 guests per telescope/astronomer. We recommend advance reservations through our website. We do sell out regularly.

Do you serve drinks?

We don’t serve drinks but you are welcome to bring your own non alcoholic beverage.

How long does your experience last?

Our experience lasts about 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Do you offer discounts?

We only offer our group discount for 5 or more people booking together. $10 off each adult.

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